Lusiferiinin Armosta – Pahuuden Maisteri (7″, Single)


Black vinyl, limited pressing of 300 copies only.

Lusiferiinin Armosta returns with Pahuuden maisteri, their first new release since debut album Nuolee (2009). A couple of years have rolled on by, but the old pony still knows its tricks. The two songs on the 7” are built out of familiar sounding building blocks: pummeling drums and frantically pulsating basslines trying to keep track of each other, while an ethereal voice soars above the manic proceedings, escaping the depths of a distorted pool of gray guitar ooze.

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Full Contact Records (2) ‎– KRYPT-026, Karkia Mistika ‎– KARMI-014
This is not the sound of bomber planes, screaming down from the sky in flames. Nor is it the sound of twisting steel in collapsing buildings. Lusiferiinin Armosta drowns the listener right from the start in a relentless, steady stream of noise that proceeds to embrace like an old friend instead of throttling you.

Look… there’s a silver lining to that cloud! And everything’s going to be alright.

On Pahuuden maisteri the group reinforces it’s wall of sound with the addition of a second guitarist. This move brings Lusiferiinin Armosta one step closer to its Swedish speaking counterpart Slussenanalys, involving four fifths of its members. The release also features some welcome borrowed talent in the form of the guitar solos of Tuomas Niskanen (Rättö ja Lehtisalo, Eleanoora Rosenholm etc.) and the backing vocals of Samae Koskinen (Arkhamin Kirjasto).

To save some of the excitement and mystery for later, we hereby unveil Raskas juoma, the B-side of the single.

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