Windbreakers – Terminal


Fully Restored & Digitally Remastered For the first time ever on CD, one studio bonus track and 4 live tracks.


VERSION: CD, Jewel Box

1 Off & On
2 Changeless
3 That Stupid Idea
4 A Girl & Her Bible
5 Can’t Go On This Way
6 All That Stuff
7 New Red Shoes
8 Again
9 Glory
10 From a Distance
11 Running Out of Time
12 Lonely Beach
13 Changeless (Live)
14 New Red Shoes (Live)
15 That Stupid Idea (Live)
16 Again (Live)

Sutliff’s songs are especially memorable; “Off and On” exhibits a wonderfully audacious set of chord progressions, “Can’t Go on This Way” is delightfully tuneful and winsome, and “New Red Shoes” boasts a buoyant accompaniment that is irresistable. His excellent “Stupid Idea” would later appear in fuller arrangement on his solo outing Only Ghosts Remain. Lee’s work is less strong here, though the guitar hook on his “All That Stuff” is naggingly memorable. “Running Out of Time” (a co-authored song) hints clearly at the energetic excellence to come in the group’s late-’80s albums. And an agreeably rustic cover, complete with ragged fiddle and rough-hewn vocals, of the Television song “Glory” (given here in conjunction with the group Rain Parade) is a standout. AllMusic Review by David Cleary


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