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Resurrect the Machine – Uncover the Truth


Meticulously developing and an intense musical combined force made to spew thunderous rhythms and syncopated high energy .




VERSION: CD, Jewel Box


1 Rush
2 Kaos
3 Meet Your Maker
4 Creeper
5 No Reason (Part 1)
6 No Reason (Part 2)
7 Cannibal
8 Headed For the Sun
9 Resurrect the Machine

Featuring lead vocalist Dean Ortega (Interscope Records, RCA Victor, protégé of  Jimmy IovineTim PalmerPeter Frampton) newcomer virtuoso guitarist Andrré MakinaJoey Cotero on drums and Kurt Barabas (Roswell Six, Amarans Plight)  on bass. Combining complex arrangements and blistering melodic guitar their music is indisputable unassailable pure passion.





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