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Funhouse – Way Things Will Be


This record takes a lot of disorienting twists and turns. Very interesting listen. Obvious homage to the Stooges and MC5.



VERSION: CD, Limited Edition of 500,Mini LP japanese style papersleeve gatefold packaging with custom OBI .


    1. Kings of Grey
    2. There’s No Reason
    3. Glad to Obey
    4. Don’t Lose your Head
    5. A head of Me
    6. Don’t Mind!
    7. Ya can’t be Love
    8. The Bitch & The Lonely Heart
    9. Try to follow me
    10. Run run run
    11. Screamin’ eyes
    12. Nothing to do
    13. Gotta break your chains
    14. Lucifer Sam (Syd Barret)
    1. I ain’t no good
    2. You’re right
    3. No Fun (Stooges)

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