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BETWEEN PAST AND PRESENT. In 1976 appeared the album of a mysterious group, the Cherry Five. They are in fact, as the insiders well know, songs recorded two years before by a group then partly merged in the Goblin. The record company decided to publish anyway the recording, putting on the cover the name of the two artists who had not followed the band: the drummer Carlo Bordini (“Rustichelli e Bordini Opera Prima”) and the singer Tony Tartarini (“L’uovo di Colombo “,”Reale Impero Britannico”).

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The vinyl became over the years a ‘cult’ for connoisseurs of progressive rock. After almost forty years, Bordini and Tartarini meet each other again thanks to Black Widow Records and they record a new album with a group of musicians from different backgrounds: the prog keyboardist Gianluca De Rossi (Taproban), the rock guitarist Ludovico Piccinini (Prophilax ), and the jazz musician Pino Sallusti on bass. The first track, which gives the title to the album, is inspired by the XXXI canto of the Dantesque Inferno and is followed by other episodes from the Divine Comedy, “Manfredi” (Purgatorio) and “Dentro la cerchia antica” (Paradiso). The texts of Tony Tartarini speak of the Giants punished for their pride and doomed for all eternity to regret the sun and their own force; of Prince Manfredi who faces his destiny of death in battle and after death entrusts to Dante a letter for his daughter Costanza still alive; of a Florence surrounded by the ancient walls and not yet ravaged by civil war. Each episode has its own musical character: the Pozzo dei Giganti pays homage to the prog suites of the 70s, above all Tarkus by Emerson, Lake and Palmer; Manfredi features a sound inspired by the Gentle Giant and contains two songs written by the founders of the group; Dentro la cerchia antica offers a progressive-medieval style as it was characteristic of the 70s.
The Cherry Five have presented in preview the new album in a memorable live concert, after almost 40 years, at the International Fair of Music in Genoa, earning a great response from audiences and critics … the story goes on …

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